Portion Guide

Below is a guide for approximate portion sizes.  A wedding portion would be cut to 1" x 1" x 4" slices and are a perfect size for an evening reception or as an additional yummy extra to your day. A party portion is 1" x 2" x 4" and is an ideal size to have as the dessert or pudding or of course as a celebration cake. 


The prices below are here as a guide.  I want your cake to be special and unique, therefore I never make the exact same cake twice.  With this in mind, giving an exact price for a cake before it has been thought out and designed is tricky, I am more than happy to give you a no obligation quote and/or quote for an already existing cake to give an idea on price.  FAQ

7" Buttercream - From £60

7" Fondant - From £75

7" Drip cakes - £70  Example - Rich, dark chocolate cake filled with vanilla bean buttercream and salted caramel, adorned with chocolates and macarons.

3 tier - From £350

4 tier - From £ 425

Example -  3 tier buttercream finish cake to feed up to 88 people  in separate flavours and finished with either fresh flowers, macarons or chocolates - £350

     Some examples of our cake pricing to give an idea of portions and level of design 

Cupcakes - From £2.00 

Decorated cookies - From £2.00

Macaroons - From £1.75

(Min Order 12)

Cookie Favours - Bagged and tied in your choice of  wedding colours.  Stamped with a date, name or special word from £2.00 each or individually decorated as table settings for your guests from £3.00

£500 - 135 portions
£460 - 135 portions
£90 - 25 portions
£2.50 per cupcake - 6 minimum 
£85 - 12 large /20 small 

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