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Sustainability Policy

  1. I am passionate about making changes in both my own lifestyle and my business.
    I want to prove it is possible to make sustainable choices in the cake industry and minimise my carbon footprint.

  2.  Some of the main Impacts my company face are 

Single use plastic

.  Higher energy consumption for gas and electricity.

.  Dairy and egg usage.

.  Imported ingredients 

.  Kitchen waste 


I will address this in the following way.

Single use plastic - I have switched From plastic dowers, to bamboo.
I use reusable silicone clingfilm, food bags, piping bags and heavy , reusable cool boxes as opposed to plastic coated pastry boxes. I use plastic free tapes and stickers and compostable plastic. All plastic which is able to be recycled is. 

Energy Consumption - I use a 100% renewable energy provider 

Dairy and eggs -  All eggs used in my baking are free range.  I use organic dairy and vegan cream in my ganache.  High quality sustainable chocolate Is used in all baking.

Imported ingredients - I buy British ingredients including flour, sugar, dairy and eggs. I buy and handpick seasonal fruit locally and freeze to make fillings. The exeption is fruit we don't grow in the Uk I.e. mangos and lemons. When buying imported ingredients, I buy in bulk to avoid unnecessary packaging.

Kitchen waste - plastic packaging which is able to be recycled is either taken via the council, or taken to soft plastic recycling points. Food waste is composted. I turn cake waste into fridge cakes, which I donate to local organisations such as my community food bank and local care home for staff and residents.


4.  My aim for the coming year is to continue to use environmentally conscious companies for my ingredients and find new wedding businesses with similar ethos. I would like to expand my organic flower growing for pressed flowers to minimise travel to collect bought flowers 


By 2025 I will use organic eggs. I will use only seasonal fresh flowers which have been grown within a 15 mile radius.

I will buy flour from smaller UK based businesses.


5.  I will continue to add to my policy and check progress half annually with a renewal each year.

6.  Renewal date - 01/09/2024 

Eco friendly cake sample box
Eco friendly wedding cake samples

Eco Cake Samples

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