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5 cake designs perfect for an eco hotel wedding. The Green house hotel Bournemouth - Dorset

If you local to Bournemouth and have been searching for an eco friendly and sustainable hotel for your upcoming wedding, then you may well have come across the beautiful Green house hotel in Dorset.

They have put in a massive amount of effort to reduce their environmental impact whilst still offering a luxury hotel stay including -

. Using solar energy for both heat and electricity

. Luxury Eco beds and locally made 100% wool carpets.

. The solid wood furniture has been made in the UK using trees felled by storms or tree surgeons

. Waste kitchen oil is made into fuel.

. They use local, seasonal produce which is mostly organic.

And so much more - check out their full list of eco achievements here -

Having been on both sides, as a guest and a supplier, I can hand on heart say that they are a wonderfully friendly bunch and always happy to help. Their sustainability credentials speak for themselves and I’m really proud to be a recommended supplier.

Where to have your cake!

Now this doesn’t have to be specific to the lovely Green house, but for all hotel weddings, but have you considered where to have your wedding cake?

The majority of hotels have a room change over during your wedding and your wonderful wedding team will zip around transforming your ceremony room into your reception room.

Most hotels are not particularly keen on moving a wedding cake, which means your cake maker will need to deliver in this change over window.

So your options are -

. The wedding reception room - where you have your first meal as a married couple.

. Your evening party room.

. In the room/ outside where you are having your canapés.

I loved the position of this tropical burst of colour I delivered in January.

It’s the first time I have set up in the window and I loved it!

Now you have the room you would like, here are some tips how to get the most out of your cake and some things to consider.

. Your cake will always look far more impressive in natural light but away from direct sun. In a dark corner, it will likely be overlooked.

. Please please please, don’t put the cake table in front of something ugly like a fire extinguisher, radiator or cupboard door. It makes cake designers cry inside.

. A dance floor cake cutting cake look brilliant, but consider if the dancing will happen before the cutting. No one wants to eat floor cake if it gets accidentally knocked.

. If the room is dark, don’t despare. Maybe have a chat with your venue about seeing if they can provide some extra lights. A twinkly LED light background can look gorgeous!

If you have gone to all that effort to find a sustainable hotel, then choosing a sustainable cake designer (Hey there 👋) and a sustainable cake design makes complete sense right!

I don’t want anyone feeling they are limited on choice, so here are some wedding cake designs perfect for a sustainable hotel wedding.

5 cake designs perfect for an eco hotel wedding.

  1. Seasonal flower cake - For spring, summer and autumn weddings, you have the most amazing beautiful flowers to choose from. We are so lucky down here in the south west as our flowering season is longer than other parts of the country.  With regulations tightening in England with regards to flowers on cakes, it’s important to make sure your cake maker is supplying flowers they know are to be non toxic and pesticide free.

Charlotte Razzell Photography

2. Painted flower cake - Painted flowers are a great option to add extra interest and dimension to your cake. Why not have an element from your invites or stationary transferred onto your cake? I adored this wildflower cake from a little while back. It sparked my love for painted flowers and has inspired a tonne of designs since.

Michelle Ley Photography

3. Handmade flower cake - another way to incorporate non seasonal or toxic flower varieties is to have them handmade. Perfect as a keepsake from your special day and effectively makes your flower choice and colour limitless. I use a combination of paper and sugar for my flowers.

4. Dried flower cake - Dried flowers have come back in a big way over the past few years and I am absolutely here for it. I love the textures and muted tones. Perfect for a range of wedding themes from an elegant affair or a rustic, wholesome wedding reception.

5. Edible flower cake - Another love of mine is an edible flower cake. I pressed my own flowers sourced locally or grown by myself and I buy in my edible freeze dried flowers from a gorgeous company based in Portland, Dorset. They add such a beautiful natural touch to a cake and some of the different freeze dried varieties taste blooming lovely!

Paul Underhill photography

6. Keep it simple design - How about a minimalist, beautiful design using textures as opposed to flowers. This cake for example was made using machine cut edible wafer paper to mimic my lovely brides dress pattern.

7. Bonus tip - Eco friendly wedding favours - As an additional sustainable tip, how about opting to have an edible wedding favour! I wrap my delicious treats in compostable bags for that extra sustainability kick. Biscuits, brownies, cake pops! Yum!

I hope these have inspired you to think about having an eco friendly cake design and if you are having a Dorset wedding and are looking for a chic boutique hotel, to consider the gorgeous Green house hotel.

Much love

Tash x

And if I have inspired you to opt for a sustainable wedding cake, come say Hi and lets get chatting about your dream cake!


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